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Pilates Reformer/Equipment

These classes primarily utilize the Pilates Reformer machine and may also include additional equipment such as the Spring Board,

Jump Board, Wunda Chair Combo, Sitting Boxes, Magic Circles, bands and balls.


Level 1 Pilates Reformer - In this class, participants will build a solid foundation working at a slower pace while still strengthening their core and

increasing muscle strength and flexibility. This class is suitable for those participants who:

  • know the equipment set-up and spring changes

  • are aware of breath and begin to naturally coordinate breath with movement

  • understand the concept of pelvic positioning (neutral pelvic/anterior tilt/posterior tilt)

  • understand the concept of scapular stabilization in upper body movements

Level 2 Pilates Reformer - Previous experience is a must in this intermediate class, with a solid foundation and working knowledge of the basics. These participants:

  • know/recognize most of the fundamental Pilates exercises by name and coordinating equipment changes

  • have built up breath capacity and stamina to work at a quicker pace with less need for cueing from the instructor

  • know how to modify the exercise for their own bodies as needed


Mixed Level Pilates Reformer - For those with at least 3 months previous Reformer experience, having a solid foundation of the basics. Options will be given

to modify or progress the exercises as needed.


This is a full-body balanced workout combining strength conditioning, cardio, and mindfulness. It is designed to tone your body, increase your flexibility

and muscle strength, and improve your posture. You will utilize the ballet barre, as well as props such as bands, balls, blocks, light hand weights and the

Pilates Magic Circle.  


Pilates Mat

This class is a low impact workout that uses your body weight for resistance, focusing on core strength, flexibility and overall conditioning.

Yoga Flow

A journey of flowing sequences! Includes standing postures, twists, back bends, forward folds and hip openers. Expect to build muscle

and bone density, increase flexibility and improve balance, as well as reduce stress and relieve anxiety.

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