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This experiential course is a starting point to discover the energetic properties
of your womb, defined as your creative center, your inner voice,
the container that holds your deepest truths and desires, and,
its direct relationship to your heart and soul's desires.


When we tap into the intelligence of the womb/heart connection, we establish a
ground / a foundation within ourselves. From here, we develop a felt sense of
safety so we are able to peel back the layers of protection that have kept us feeling

incomplete or unfulfilled; keeping us stuck, sad, afraid, hurt, angry;


This deep grounding within, makes room for us to soften, and relax deeper into our daily lives.

Who is this course for? Just to name few...

~ Someone who suppresses feelings or emotions as they begin to surface
~ Someone feeling blocked, stuck, or unsafe to feel their feelings
~ Someone with a longing not me


What will we explore during this course?

~ what the energetic properties of the womb are
~ what is the womb/heart connection
~ what it can do for us, how and when to utilize it
~ how to establish a safe container within ourselves to stay in the discomfort of
what is arising during the practices, and eventually in our daily lives
~ how to use the safety net we created to uncover what is holding you back from
living in your fullness & wholeness
~ how to begin to change the paradigm of what is not working

What will you receive from this course?

~ a set of practices that provide a safe container, a foundation, to drop into the
essence of your being


June 23, June 30, July 7

10:30am - 12:00pm

3 x 90 min in person sessions
+ WhatsApp Group

Payment Options - Cash, check or Zelle

There are six spaces available in this workshop.
Please wear comfortable clothing.
Bring water, and a notepad and pen for journaling.


Registration deadline is June 10, 2024


I'd be happy to answer them on a free 20 minute Discovery Call. Book your call here.

I look forward to being together with you in this transformative course!

Discovering Your Womb/Heart Connection

A facilitated journey for those with a deep desire to
know themselves more intimately

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